Tuesday, September 26, 2017

How to Use One of the Most Important Tools in Our Business

By using the Mojo Dialer in your business, you can talk to more people per day and generate more leads. Here’s how.

One of the most important tools in our real estate brokerage is an auto dialer called the Mojo Dialer.

If you’re looking to make follow-up calls or do some cold prospecting, you absolutely have to use an auto dialer. By using an auto dialer instead of manually typing out every single phone call you make, you’ll be able to talk to four to six times more people.

How is this possible? What are some of the other major benefits of using the Mojo Dialer?

First, it saves time. From day one, you’ll be able to upload all the people you want to call. Once you upload that contact information, you’ll simply click a button and it will call through every one of them. This means no manual dialing over and over again.

Second, it allows you to leave the same voicemail every time, which is important for cold prospecting. If you’re an investor looking to buy homes, for instance, you’ll leave the same message outlining your interest in local homes to buy along with your callback number. Instead of leaving the same message over and over again, though, all you have to do is click a button when a voicemail picks up and move onto the next call. You’ll never have to see who you have to call next.

Because the Mojo Dialer is a three-line dialer, it can call three people at the same time. If you have cold prospected before, you know that the biggest obstacle is actually getting people on the phone, which is why you need to dial out to as many people as possible so you can actually have conversations with them. Our statistics show that if you’re dialing with the Mojo Dialer for an entire day, you can call between 600 to 800 people a day, which is absolutely phenomenal.

There are two ways we use the Mojo Dialer.

The first is for contacting and re-engaging old leads that are nonresponsive. We all know it’s not easy to get in touch with a buyer or seller lead. Sometimes it takes multiple calls, and what typically happens to agents is that—after the first couple of calls—we just give up. The Mojo Dialer allows us to cycle through our old leads very quickly.

If you’re looking to make follow-up calls or do some cold prospecting, you must use an auto dialer.
We have a database of all our old buyer and seller leads—we call the old buyer leads “buyer archives” and the old seller leads “seller archives.” When we dial through those on a daily basis, we get clients all the time. Going back and hitting all your old leads is hugely important. The agents in my office are able to hit all of my old leads, which amounts to tens of thousands of leads they can dial through on a day-to-day basis.

The second way we use the Mojo Dialer is to generate new leads. We do this by making a database for new agents of where they’re looking to list properties. They’ll typically give me a city or home style, and from there we build the database for them. After that, we actually buy the cell phone records. If you’re cold prospecting for seller leads, it’s hugely important that you get cell phone records and not just home phone records because then you’ll be able to talk to twice the number of people.

We measure that number by what we call the “contact rate.” For every 100 people we dial with home phone records, we talk to an average of five people. When we buy and use cell phone records, we talk to an average of 10 people. This means if you’re using cell phone records, you’ll double your output. By using home phone records, you’ll have to work a 16-hour day to get done what I do in an eight-hour day.

My agents have the ability to prospect with an offer in their hand. Because I’m a real estate investor who wants to buy properties, they have the ability to go to houses with my offer in hand. If you’re not working with an investor, I recommend you do the same because it will be a lot easier to get through the door if you have an offer in hand.

Every agent who works in our company gets the Mojo Dialer for free. We also offer training courses every week focusing on how to use it, which includes scripts and role-playing. If you’re considering buying the Mojo Dialer, it costs $150 per month. It’s worth it for me to fund all of the different Mojo dialing licenses because my agents are out there getting investment deals for me.

If you want free Mojo Dialer training or would like access to the scripts we train with, visit Camerontools.com and enter your email address. This will give you access to my private Facebook group which contains all our free training information.

If you have any other questions about how to use a dialer to generate more leads for yourself or revive some of your old leads, give me a call or send me an email. I’d be happy to help you.