Thursday, September 20, 2018

The Best Hire I’ve Ever Made

What is a lead nurturer, and why is the position important for busy brokerages? Today I’ll explain.

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Today I’d like to discuss the very best hire I ever made in my real estate business, as well as why I encourage you make this same hire. 

At the Cameron Real Estate Group, we generate over 100 face-to-face buyer appointments each and every week. By going on all of these buyer and seller appointments, we found that oftentimes, the buyers and sellers aren’t quite ready to take action yet.

My top agents, who are very busy, found that they didn't have time to keep up with all of these appointments; instead they focused on the business that was right in front of them. And because our top agents couldn’t keep up with the appointments who were planning to enter the market in the future, those people would end up contacting other agents who were better at keeping in touch with them.

That’s why the best hire I ever made was for the position of lead nurturer.

If an agent met with a seller and built a great rapport with them, but the seller wasn’t ready to act there and then, that lead would automatically be sent over to my lead nurturer. The lead nurturer then receives the contact information for that buyer or seller, which is transferred via the CRM we use called Follow Up Boss. The lead nurturer will contact that person a minimum of once per month until they either buyer or sell.

The goal of the lead nurturer is to make sure that the agent who went on the appointment is still top-of-mind with the client. The reason this position is so important is that even though the buyers or sellers may not be ready to act right now, when they are, our agents will be on their minds.

The goal of the lead nurturer is to make sure that the agent who went on the appointment is still top-of-mind with the client.

When do you hire a lead nurturer? You’d need to have a certain number of face-to-face buyer or seller appoints per week in order for the hire to be worth it—at least 10 appointments per week. You probably won’t be having these problems if you’re not setting up very many appointments.

How does compensation work? Our lead nurturers are paid hourly plus commision. We want to make sure the nurturers are getting as many buyers and sellers back with the original agent that set the appointment, so the hourly pay is just for being here and making the calls, and they also receive a bonus for every deal that closes.

A final thing to consider is that even though we only use the position to nurture all of our old appointments, you can also hire a lead nurturer to nurture old leads.

If you’d like to leverage off using a lead nurturer, or would more information on the scripts we use and how we make the outbound calls from the lead nurturer, go to We’ll walk you through how it works and whether it would be a win-win for both of us. I can also invite you to my private Facebook group, where you can ask questions about real estate 24/7.